About Us


Our aim is to promote the great outdoors through quality products that enhance the experience.



Rachel Billet:

Rachel was introduced to the hunting world only 5 years ago - but you would never be able to tell. Having always been active in the outdoors, she fit right in and fell in love with it instantly! Rachel is now an avid bowhunter and spends countless hours in the tree stand learning the ways of the white-tailed deer.









Timothy Billet:

For Tim, hunting isn't just a sport - hunting is a way of life. Tim has over 13 years of experience behind both gun and bow but it never stops him from learning more each day. He enjoys hunting white-tailed deer, turkey, and waterfowl. Due to Tim's great passion for the outdoors, he wanted to do more to support the lifestyle. Thus, he pursued a career in the hunting world and has been actively working within the industry for over 5 years. Most of all, Tim loves that he has the opportunity to grow the hunting tradition.