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My First Deer with a bow, and my first buck.

About 3:30 I arrived in my stand. I hadn't seen anything until about 5:10 this nice six point came in and made a scrape 36 yards away. Finally about ten minutes later he walked over to where i had a 15 yard shot in the clearing. He got behind a tree so i drawed my bow and he kept walking so i stopped him and took my time, And made the perfect shot. It was raining so i climbed out of my stand and got First blood. About 20 minutes later my cousins got there to help me track him. About 150 yards away from where i shot him my one cousin yelled, "I found him".

Rack Snack Fan

I'm only 15 and i try my hardest to get decent bucks in our woods. I put alot of hard work into a foodplot and i don't think that helped with bringing the bucks in, but then when I heard about Rack Snack From a friend I had to try some and it really works I have had four different bucks like this one in our woods. It may not be big for some people, but where I live which is in Amish country its a trophy. And I know the bucks just werent passing through because im still getting pictures of him and the other bucks so thank you Rough Ridge for having such a great product!!!

White Black Bear in Potter County

Every time I go to check up on my trial camera, I take along a very tasty bucket from Rough Ridge to spread out. Like always I can't wait to see what I brought in. When I finally get there all the stuff I put out, is gone. Then going though the pictures I see the same deer as I did through out the year. But they keep getting bigger and bigger! As I keep going through the pictures I see a black bear, go to the next one, I see an albino black bear! Thanks to Rough Ridge's great product I was able to lure in such a rare animal!