Rough Ridge's blog

162 4/8" Ten Point

Thank you Rough Ridge for making my 2011 archery season a success. You said it right when you said that, This lure will assure he comes looking for the doe in heat. This is the result that I got after putting a scent trail down to my stand and setting out three wicks. This 10 point and a P&Y 8 point came in together following their nose looking for a hot doe They found her, Rough Ridge Doe-In-Heat. Thanks again guy's, I'm looking forward to doing business with you in the future.

Jeff S

Western NY 10 Point

Dennis "Stubby" Carnahan, a local dairy farmer, had chores done and the cows milked. He grabbed his rifle and bottle of Rough Ridge Doe In Heat. Leaving a few drops every so often along his way to the stand. Just as the sun was coming up he was climbing into his stand. Stub was not in the stand long when this awesome buck came cruising across the hayfield looking for that hot doe. Thanks to Rough Ridge Stub will have a freezer full of backstraps and some horns for the livingroom. When Stub shows up at camp with that wig on you know hes got something in the truck bed!

Birds over bucks today!

We planted 4 acres of Turkey Attack on our pheasant preserve this year to hold some pheasants. After today I would say it worked. We release 600 birds on our preserve and plant several food plots. The mixture in Turkey Attack is great for the birds. It has alittle bit of everything pheasants love food and tons of cover. Paths had to be made in the millet and sunflowers with fourwheelers just so you can walk through it. When my pointer Dina gets to the plot she just loves crawling through the millet and locking up. So when the weather warms up in October and we cant sit in a stand all day.