Doe in Heat Lure Does the Trick...Almost

"I put the Doe in Heat estrus lure out yesterday in MD and the wind was blowing directly toward the bedding area. I put my scentblocker suit on, sprayed down and put out the Doe in Heat to see what would happen. I had 4 bucks come from downwind, three of them were in range and I'd like to tell you that I got one of them but those darn trees got in the way. All 4 bucks came from downwind and that had never before happened in this particular stand. Three of the bucks made scrapes and rubs as I watched them. Thanks for the Doe in Heat Lure."


My 14 Point Deer Hunting Trophy

My father, older brother and I were generously invited by our neighbors and good friends to hunt on their property the first day of buck season, 2009. In choosing where to stand that first morning, we were trying to stay away from where the owner and other hunters would be, so we positioned ourselves near a spot where my dad found a rub line and a big scrape which was above the fields where Rough Ridge food plots were planted. We got into position before daylight, just barely. It was a steep hike and the brush was thick, going over and under fallen trees.

162 4/8" Ten Point

Thank you Rough Ridge for making my 2011 archery season a success. You said it right when you said that, This lure will assure he comes looking for the doe in heat. This is the result that I got after putting a scent trail down to my stand and setting out three wicks. This 10 point and a P&Y 8 point came in together following their nose looking for a hot doe They found her, Rough Ridge Doe-In-Heat. Thanks again guy's, I'm looking forward to doing business with you in the future.

Jeff S

Western NY 10 Point

Dennis "Stubby" Carnahan, a local dairy farmer, had chores done and the cows milked. He grabbed his rifle and bottle of Rough Ridge Doe In Heat. Leaving a few drops every so often along his way to the stand. Just as the sun was coming up he was climbing into his stand. Stub was not in the stand long when this awesome buck came cruising across the hayfield looking for that hot doe. Thanks to Rough Ridge Stub will have a freezer full of backstraps and some horns for the livingroom. When Stub shows up at camp with that wig on you know hes got something in the truck bed!